I’m sound designing a large project in central London next year, and I’m looking for two key team members for the Audio/Show Control team. I can’t say too much about it because it’s all a bit secret at the moment, but I can say it’s a big immersive theatre/visitor attraction sort of project with a large amount of new tech on it.

If you’ve worked for me before, I should say that I’m advertising these roles not because I don’t want to work with you again, but because I think things like this should be advertised.

Production Engineer

Dates:  Estimated 20 days in the range 18/2/19 – 30/3/19, the odd meeting beforehand.

Terms: freelance, £285/day

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage installation of sound system
  • Manage staffing of audio install team
  • Manage cable, consumables and sundries for install
  • Update departmental paperwork and feed in to broader technical documentation
  • Collaborate on production of departmental RAMS
  • Label everything

The ideal candidate will have a substantial audio PE track record including theatre, corporate and fixed installs. They will know about (and care about) things like the use of LSZH cable, be able to tactfully point out gaping holes in my paperwork and be generally sanguine around highly mobile goal-posts.

Associate Sound Designer

Dates: 25/3/19 – 31/5/19

Terms: freelance, weekly rate dependant on experience

Key responsibilities:

  • Support the sound designer during plotting, rehearsals and previews
  • Take ownership of the sound design of some interstitial spaces
  • Keep track of deliverables and requests from other departments
  • Lead the handover to the show-running team

Although this is a tech-heavy gig, aside from knowing your way around QLab and the audio editor of your choice, what this role really needs is strong interpersonal and organisational skills. You will be working with a large, heterodox team helping deliver an enormous amount of STUFF. The ideal candidate will have a body of sound design and/or composition work demonstrating flair and flexibility.

Applying for these Roles

If you’d like to apply for either role, please send your CV with a covering email giving the role you’re interested in and your availability to jobs@theoholloway.com

I would encourage you to be brief at this stage.

Please note that if you’re called to interview for the positions, you’ll need to sign an NDA; interviews will be in central London early in the new year.

I hope it goes without saying that this job is open to everyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality, race, religion, or anything other than your ability to contribute to this work.