So, what can I say about it? When it’s done, which should be in the next week, it’ll be 12 tracks long, and is going to come in at just over 40 minutes. Musically, it’s a mix… of everything I felt like plagarising: Ambient, Glitch, Dub Techno, Dubstep, Hauntology. It’s a chin-stroking rather than rug-cutting album, but you might not your head occasionally

Cover art seems to be necessary, so I dun this:


…which also will give you an idea of the title – what could it mean?! Well… stuff, mostly. It’s a collection of stuff from this part of my life, which I wanted to get done before I move on to the next part of my life – the fast approaching one with babies in it. Innit? The tracklist looks a bit like:

  1. Filament
  2. Zombi
  3. No Sleep ‘Til Godalming
  4. You Will Always Be
  5. Ultrawhite
  6. Drone (Elektra)
  7. Arcaibh 1
  8. Arcaibh 2
  9. Daughter of the Sabbath
  10. Lakehouse
  11. m.b.
  12. Drone (Psalm)

It’ll be available on 3/3/12 to stream from Soundcloud, and for free download from Bandcamp.