So, I’m in the process of getting some tracks together for something that might be a bit like an album. A bit like an album, except I don’t expect many people to hear it, and I don’t really expect anyone to pay for it.

Anyhoo… the fact is, everything I’ve do so far has come out EP-sized. That’s my attention span, it seems!

So, the idea this time is to try and break through that barrier – hence, heading for the album format. It’s been illuminating – I think that, unless you’re some sort of genius, you can’t “write an album” – an album is, as it’s name suggests, a collection of work over a period of time. Try and poot it out all at once and you’ll end up with filler for days (The Difficult Second Album, anyone?).

And speaking of filler, that leads me on to the challenge of structuring electronic/noise music – and why it tends to come out as sub-minimalist pap.

Now, first of all there’s obviously the studio process – layering and layering, copy and paste, 8 bar segments… but I do think there’s a second factor – I think you can challenge people timbrally, or structurally/harmonically – do both, and you risk producing something totally opaque.

Or maybe I am (as S suggests), just obsessed with putting in wrong notes in order to look clever…